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HUGE OUTDOOR ARENA- Suitable for jump courses, barrel racing, etc.

60' ROUND PEN & 75' BREAKING PEN- Perfect for starting young horses.

TRAILS GALORE- Ride directly from Estrella to Mt Clemens, Lt Murray game reserve and miles of back country riding.

We are leasing a 65x130 indoor arena and dressage spec outdoor arena located next door to the farm!

They are available  to rent for clinics, groups, shows, or haul-ins!

We will be building an indoor arena in 2018!!!!

Full Care Stall &Paddock

$240.00/ month

Full care stall/paddock in spacious 12x12' stalls

includes the following services:

  • Daily pasture turnout, weather permitting (7 days a week).

  • 2 feedings daily of export quality local mix hay. 
  • Grain & supplements fed if provided by owner- no additional cost.
  • Blanketing, flyspray, flymasking included.
  • 1-2 stall cleanings a day.
  • Automatic Nelson waterers in stalls.

Full Care


$185/ month

Full care pasture in spacious fields (soft rope electric, no wire!) includes the following services:

  • Periodic rotation from grass to drylot fields.
  • 2 feedings daily of export quality local mix hay 
  • Grain fed if provided by owner- no additional cost.
  • Blanketing, flyspray, flymasking included.
  • Periodic harrow cleaning of field.
  • 200 gallon water troughs.

Expectant Mare Care

price varies,

call for quote

Mare care for expectant moms and post foaling care features the following services:

Huge bedded foaling stall w/ adjoining oversize paddock.
  • Available heat lamps/video capability.
  • 2 feedings daily of export quality local mix hay. 
  • Grain fed if provided by owner- no additional cost.
  • Blanketing, flyspray, flymasking as needed.
  • Foal watch and 24/7 care for baby and mom post-birth.


The Estrella Team

Our staff strives to empower your equine needs.  Call for training & lesson prices.

Service Name

Jennifer Sanchez


Jennifer brings over 25 years of horse starting, finishing, and show expertise to the farm.  Training horses are worked with a balanced and gentle-handed approach, with a show-standard finish to the overall picture of horse and rider.  Specializing in gaited horses, huntseat, trail, and western pleasure.  Breed specific training and junior riders are a favorite! 

Adult and Child lessons available.  Call to schedule.

Johnny Minyard

Owner/Farm Manager

Johnny is Estrella's co-owner and farm manager.  Our lifeline and go-to person for all farm related issues!


Dog Sitting/ Off-site Farm Care

We feature 24/7 dog sitting services in a home environment...  Your pup will receive the one-on-one care that our dogs love and cherish.  Guest dogs are treated as one of the family, and are carefully monitored during their stay!  We feature dog-safe areas for play, indoor and outdoor.  We enjoy many returning happy clients who gladly provide references. 

Farm care is also available, for home-based service needs.  We will care for your livestock at your home, while you are away.  Peace of mind and less hassle on your friends and neighbors! 

Rates are: $22 a night/$27 a night (holidays)

Call to RSVP your dogs' stay!  We generally fill up in advance for holidays.